Gold Followers
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Gold Followers
Service: FREE
Version: v1.3
Size: 3 MB
Available: Third Party
Category: Social Media
OS: Android
Downloads: 50000+
Updated: 28/03/2022

About & Features:

Gold Followers APK is an Android application that helps users to gain free followers on Instagram. This is a modified version of the original NS Followers APK, which is a popular app to get free followers.

Gold Followers APK has advantages compared to the original NS Followers APK.

  • No Ads: There are no ads in Gold Followers APK, which can be a major irritant for users of the original NS Followers APK.
  • Unlimited Followers: Gold Followers APK allows users to gain unlimited followers on Instagram, whereas the original NS Followers APK has a daily limit on the number of followers for users.
  • High Quality Followers: Gold Followers APK claims to provide users with high quality followers that are likely to be interested in the content. This is unlike the original NS Followers APK, which aims to provide users with low-quality followers that are often bots or inactive accounts.

It is important to note that Gold Followers APK is a third-party app and has no affiliation with Instagram. Gaining followers on Instagram Using any third-party apps is against Instagram’s terms of service, if users are caught using such apps their accounts may be suspended or banned.

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