Offered by InstaUp
Service: Freemium
Version: v17.8.3
Size: 13 MB
Available: Officially
Category: Social Media
OS: Android
Downloads: 10M+

About & Features:

InstaUp is an Android app that helps you get more followers on Instagram and it offers a variety of features for your Instagram account.

  • Auto-Following: This feature allows you to automatically follow other users on Instagram who are interested in the same content as you. This helps in increasing your Instagram follower base rapidly.
  • Unfollow: This feature allows you to unfollow users who are not following you. This helps keep your follower count accurate and avoid being followed by bots or inactive accounts.
  • Likes: This feature allows you to automatically like other users’ posts. This helps you get more engagement on your posts.
  • Comments: This feature allows you to automatically comment on other users’ posts. This helps you start conversations and maintain relationships with other users.
  • Coins: This installup is based on coin system. You can collect coins in it by completing tasks like following other users, liking and commenting on posts. Then easily you can get followers, likes and comments on your Instagram using those coins.

InstaUp is a free app, but you can purchase coins in it to increase your follower base faster. The app is available in different languages including English, Spanish, French and German.

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