Offered by TopFollow
Service: FREE
Version: v5.2.2
Size: 15 MB
Available: Officially
Category: Social Media
OS: Android
Downloads: 10M+
Updated: 15/06/2023

About & Features:

TopFollow is an Instagram growth app that helps its users to gain followers, likes and comments on their Instagram posts. Various types of features are available in this app.

  • Free Followers: TopFollow offers a limited number of free followers on Instagram every day. However, you can buy more followers by paying currency in this app.
  • Likes: TopFollow can help you get more likes on your Instagram posts. When you request likes on this app you can choose to target specific hashtags or accounts.
  • Comments: Topfollow helps you get more comments on your Instagram posts. You can choose to target specific hashtags or accounts when you request comments in this.
  • Hashtags: Topfollow helps you find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts. The app has a database of millions of hashtags, and you can filter results by popularity, relevance, or language.
  • Auto-Posting: TopFollow can automatically post photos and videos to your Instagram account on a schedule you set. It helps you stay active on Instagram and attract new followers.
  • Analytics: TopFollow provides analytics of your Instagram account, which shows your follower growth, engagement rate and top post data to help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy.

TopFollow is available for free on Android and iOS devices. However, some features, such as the ability to buy followers and likes, require in-app currency to be paid.

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