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Friends, do you want to increase followers on your Instagram account then you can get thousands of real Instagram followers from topfollow app.

As you may know, creating an account on Instagram is not a big deal, but when it comes to increasing followers on it, then this question comes to everyone’s mind on how to increase followers on Instagram easily.

While there are many ways to grow your Instagram account, one of them is called TopFollow up, but they may take some time but give 100% results.

I know, you will choose the method which will give you instant results, however, the good thing is that you will not have to wait much longer. But there is also some risk in this.

But if you are thinking of increasing followers of your Instagram account through any application, then this topfollow app is a good option, which will provide you, with instant followers, on Instagram.

So in this article, we will tell you about topfollow app which will help you to increase followers on Instagram instantly.

The special thing about the TopFollow app is that to get followers on Instagram, you will not have to log in to TopFollow with your real account, due to which your account will be safe.

According to the topfollow app, more than 1 million people are using this app I have also tried using this app and my Instagram account is still safe.

So would you also like to use this TopFollow app so that you too can increase followers on Instagram in a secure way on your Instagram account?

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What is the TopFollow App?

TopFollow is a third-party Android app specially designed for those who need real followers on Instagram and want to increase the number of followers on their Instagram accounts.

If you are also one of those who want to increase followers on Instagram, then this topfollow android application can prove to be beneficial for you.

Because this app is a popular application liked by people, and this application has been downloaded more than one million times.

Topfollow app is a coin-based application that’s why it is getting more popular because most coin-based applications provide real followers.

In such a situation, if you also have more followers on your Instagram account, then you will be able to increase more followers by using Topfollow app and sharing it with your friend.

So that even your friends and relatives will not be able to recognize that you have increased followers by using Auto Followers App i.e. topfollow app.

Is this TopFollow app Safe?

So it is not safe to increase followers on Instagram using any third-party platform because Instagram does not allow to increase followers using any third-party app or web.

In such a situation, if someone increases the number of followers on his Instagram by using such a third-party platform, then the chances of that user’s Instagram account getting disabled increase.

But with the help of a fake account, you can increase followers in a safe way on your real Instagram account, so that if your Instagram account is disabled then it will be a fake account.

Benefits of the TopFollow app?

You can easily increase followers on your Instagram account using this app.

This app is very easy to use and you will be able to keep your account safe as you will be able to log in with a fake Instagram account.

This app can be used by any Instagram user and can increase followers on their real Instagram account.

It is very easy to collect coins for Instagram followers in this app, in which you can collect coins by completing some tasks or even by inviting your friends.

TopFollow app is very famous in today’s time because using it you get instant followers on Instagram.

Topfollow App Details & Requirements:

Application DetailsTopFollow APK
Size12 MB
Cost100% Free
FormatAPK File
Promo Code DE8F10F
Requires Android5.0 and Up
Rating StarStar
Scan ReportNo Malware Detected
FounderTopfollow Official

How to Download the TopFollow APK?

To download the Topfollow app on your device, click on the Download TopFollow Apk button given below and wait for some time.

Then, you will be redirected to the automatic download page or Topfollow app download link on your device, after that install the app on your Android device.

How to get followers on Instagram with Topfollow app?

1. On opening the app for the first time, some such interface will come, click on the Sign in with Instagram button.

2. Next, now you can use this app to get free followers on your Instagram account by entering a fake Instagram Id username and password and clicking on the Log In button.


3. After that, click on the Start button to start collecting coins with the help of the app. The process of collecting coins by completing tasks in this app is very easy.


4. Then you come to the More option and click on Codes.


5. Enter 150E4C12 below and click on send button, you will get 200 extra coins.


6. After collecting coins, to increase followers on your Instagram, now you come to the follower’s option and enter your real Instagram username on which you want to get followers.


7. Choose the number of followers according to your coin to click on the Get button.


8. Finally, now to get free followers on your Instagram, now you click to coins, and you will get followers on Instagram in a few moments.




If you are a new Instagram user, then the Top Follow app can prove to be better for you because with this app you can increase thousands of followers in a day, but you have to collect more coins.

If you collect 80 coins on the Top Follow app, you can get 10+ followers, and collect 8000 coins then you can get 1000+ real followers.

It is possible to collect 4000+ coins easily on this app as you don’t need to collect coins manually,
The entire process of collecting coins in the TopFollow app is automatic.

You will like the information about this TopFollow app and you will definitely use this app, apart from this, if you have any questions or suggestions related to increasing Instagram followers, then comment or contact us.

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